M154A IoT Device for Intelligent Anti-theft Ebikes with GPS

The IoT devices can be an ebike tracker and tools to secure your eBikes and launch them to market confidently and smoothly for any projects such as ride share and renting.Best user experience.QR code scan to ride system supported.OEM&ODM services.

GPS Enabled IoT Locks with Auto Lock and Unlock from a Distance

Why do we need an IoT device for electric bikes?

When start up ebikes sharing rental services,

when launch ebikes fleet to market for mobility,

when fleet manufacturers and operators need to monitor their electric bikes and grasp data about all vehicles for management

and analysis for best research & development and maintain their own competitive advantage in the mobility in the present era,

to connect an IoT device which provides GPS tracking system and real-time data monitoring,and any functions needed for

sharing and renting services.


ebike tracker

OMNI can only provide hardware like IoT devices which combines gps tracker and IoT locks for ride share services,

and also support whole ebike solution which including hardware and software,the software is ebike app and backend.

OMNI can help to connect the ebike tracker or IoT devices to your vehicles and your ebike APP server and backend,

and finish the integration easily by strong R&D team.

iot devices

ebike solution

ebike system

electric bike lock

What are more functions of IoT devices for vehicles fleet management?

1,  The IoT devices are widely used in electric bikes, scooters,mopeds,more types of vehicles are possible.

     OMNI can customize logos,functions,any more you need for different operating environment.

2,  The IoT devices are waterproof with high level of IPX7,keep working well in rainy days. No worry about vehicles would stop services.

3, The IoT devices support ultra-low power consumption which makes sure the smart devices can last a longer time.More beneficial.

4, Users scan the QR code to unlock the vehicles easily,it's user-friendly and very convenient for users.

5, The communication modes can be UART and CAN.Efortless,high performance.


                                            More application of vehicles types

ebike app

IoT gps tracker


More Questions & Answers:

1,  Would you support OEM & ODM services?

     OMNI IoT: Yes, we do have OEM and ODM services.

2,  We were interested in integrating your products into our Conventional Bikes, eBikes and Scooters products.

     We need to study how can incorporate your products into our solutions. We will need a sample of each product to integrate. 

     OMNI IoT: No problem. We can send you sample for checking and testing first.

     OMNI team can help to connect the products to your vehicles very soon and easily.

3, Do all the products have an API or SDK for integration with our platform?

   OMNI IoT: Yes, the IoT devices and IoT locks and IoT GPS tracker can be integrated with your APP server and

   platform easily as OMNI has a strong R&D team. All is mature and sophisticated.

4, What is the cost per unit and can the omni app be used for my bikes?

   OMNI IoT: Yes,OMNI APP and backend can be used for your vehicles,including bikes,ebikes,scooters,mopeds and others.

   You can use OMNI software or OMNI can connect the IoT devices with your own software.

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